WHWYY 5G WiFi FPV GPS Drone 4K HD Camera Live Video Drones 36 mins Long Flight Time (18+18) Foldable Quadcopter with Auto Return Home Follow Me Professional Drone for Adults

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Product Description

WHWWHYY 5G WIFIFLVI GPS Drone FPV Goggle DRONE - Get Ready For the World

If you can handle flying a ROV and 5G FPV, then the WHWYY 5G WIFI FPV GPS Drone is perfect for you. This smart FPV Drone will give you peace of mind to fly your favorite drone with a great HD Camera, GPS navigation, and awesome autopilot controls.

With a great DJI Phantom 3, you can get almost 360-degree panoramic views while staying on the ground in congested urban environments. But it's just not practical to take off and land at many of the major airports. The "White Water" drone racing event was an exciting way to fly without missing the action.

So if you don't need the luxury of an F-16 and you still want to get to the races, then look no further than the WHWYY. In addition to being an FPV Dronie, you can be flying a drone racer and have access to some of the best races around the world! Racing is fun, and professional Drone Racing teams compete in lots of different events.

With the White Water Drone Races event, you can find out why these professional teams and their drones have been so successful. This is a real race, not just a drone race. Many pilots feel that competition helps them hone their skills and improve the quality of their drones.

A few of the other professional Drone Racing teams include the US Navy, Great Lakes, and the US Army Airborne. But you won't want to miss the WTRA's individual races either. Team owners put a lot of time and energy into their flying, so we're sure they have a reason to win!

After the WTRA, the US Army Airborne flew their most recent drone race. In this instance, they used their Dual FFF, or dual fin wing folding racing drone. As a Drone Racer, it was great to see a real race in the air with the White Water Drone Racing team.

They raced against a much larger, more established team, including some great TV cameras. It was a close race, but the Airborne finally came out on top. They had been planning a drone race for a while, and they are known for the precision of their racing drones. One fan even said that they are good to fly because the stabilizers on their drones to help with the tracking when racing.

The White Water Drone Racing team came to WJVP from various colleges. One of the team members had started a business that uses helicopters and drones in the delivery of packages. The final delivery of the day was from an extremely large delivery company in New York City.

To learn more about the White Water Drone Racing, visit WHWYY. If you love sports, then WHWYY is the place to be. You can also enjoy the standard shows that air on WHWYY, and there are several options if you want to watch the sports as well.

You can also get GPS Ready devices to watch your favorite sport and compete in an actual game! For many years, the WHWYY has been the home for America's favorite sports. Watch your favorite sport, and play them live!

And if you can'tmake it to the race, be sure to catch the award winning CTV News coverage and watch the live coverage of the TV cameras and professional teams fighting over the race. See the video and watch the best in technology, racing one another. in an exciting environment.

Product Features

?Advanced 5G Wifi 4K HD camera: With 4K HD camera ,which can be adjusted by remote controller. And 5G wifi transmission ensures high-quality real time video and high-speed picture transmission without delay. Ideal selfie drone, catching every wonderful moment from a birds-eye perspective. ?APP control: Operate your drone through the app after connecting it with your phone via Wi-Fi, offering you real-time image transmission so that you can easily shoot fun video and pics to share with your friends and family. ?GPS never lost: Integrates the latest technology with GPS to keep accurate positioning detail of your drone. The Return-to-Home function enables the drone automatically return when battery low/ signal weak/ out of range. No worry about the lost. ?Follow me & point of interest: The drone allows pilots to create points of interest,then it automatically circle around that point, improving the flight experience. Follow me mode under GPS positioning make the drone always follow your steps and point the camera to you to catch your every move and take aerial photos. ?Multiple Flight Modes: Altitude hold mode, 360°flips & rolls, headless mode, one key start/landing/return, which makes your flight more exciting and interesting.