The One-Touch Control Of The Smart Drone

Huges 300C Smart Drone

With a self-contained stabilization system, the Huges 300C is the first high-end Drone to use the new Skywatcher 6CH RC Helicopter with GPS technology. This drone is engineered for both indoor and outdoor use. The Starflight HD drones camera is packed inside the drone to ensure crystal clear images with no color or noise interference.


The GPS receiver is integrated in the battery pack which delivers clear HD video streaming to your TV. The integrated electronics are designed to minimize power consumption while keeping the battery life at maximum capacity. The integrated stabilization system helps to ensure that no flying is required during take off. It enables smooth, quiet flights without the slightest vibration.


The stereo camera has a micro HDMI port to connect the HD screen to your TV set and features two, large-format, high-definition cameras. Each lens is equipped with a gyro-stabilized image sensor for smooth and constant video streaming.


The remote control offers you full freedom of operation and you can set up all flight controls on the control panel. So, when the time comes for controlling the quadcopter you can conveniently log into the control panel from any computer in the world.


The HD camera is a combination of modern technology with ease of use and a wide range of accessories available in the market. The Smart Drone comes with a 6CH High Definition camera. It is equipped with an integrated HD screen, which delivers clear pictures to a TV set. The camera offers three-dimensional, stereoscopic images and it is capable of recording videos in high definition resolution.


The safety features incorporated in the Huges 300C provide safety for the pilot while in flight. The onboard computer, Starflight HD, which has a built-in I2Cport, offers real-time weather and altitude information, providing smooth, accurate video stream to the integrated HD screen.


With a generous capacity of 2.4 gallons of fuel, the Huges 300C flies very smoothly and with nearly ten minutes of operation time, the entire battery is used up. You can fly for a little over four hours on a single charge.


The special electric motor on the Huges 300C ensures a smooth and quiet flight. A high-efficiency NTM transmission ensures smooth, continuous video streaming. The steering system ensures the total control of the vehicle, ensuring that the flight is controlled by the pilot rather than the robot.


The Huges 300C is the perfect companion to the Skyflight Hero 3 Drone. With an integrated aerial camera, you can easily set up a 3D HD camera feed from inside the cockpit. The sky is the limit when it comes to flying a helicopter and with the new technology integrated in the Huges 300C Drone, flying a helicopter can be fun, exhilarating and fast!


In addition to the integrated Skyflight sensor, the Huges 300C is equipped with a high quality Garmin GPS receiver. The integrated GPS receiver is equipped with a 3.3-inch touch screen display, so the pilot can easily configure the drone to their preferred setting. The one-touch settings include; manual mode, obstacle avoidance, multicenter and video recording.


The GPS and optical sensors on the Huges 300C enable smooth, silent flights. The one-touch approach permits the operator to make sure that the environment is safe for flight. For added convenience, the camera is mounted within the fuselage, so you can easily activate the Smart Drone without having to remove the battery pack from the device.


The HD Camera incorporated in the Huges 300C Drone enables the pilot to view the surroundings from outside, by connecting the GoPro Hero to the camera and flying to the desired location. By mounting the camera in an outdoor location, the pilot can control the Smart Drone from inside and observe the surroundings. ensuring that the object is in focus, since the cameras optical sensors are based on the multi-functional HD camera technology, they can both provide perfect visual views.