Sky Viper v2450HD Streaming Drone with Flight Assist & 2X Improved Flight Range

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Product Description

SkyVIPER V2450HD - Flight Assistant Device

Sky VIPER V2450HD is a fully automatic flight assistant device that is equipped with new and improved features. It is compatible with Smartphone and iPhone applications for all types of flight needs.

The object of aerial transportation is to reach the aircraft in order to land safely. This is to avoid the problem of damage to the aircraft. But in the case of a dive, the aircraft becomes vulnerable to any accident which can lead to loss of lives of people involved.

When the aircraft is on the ground, it becomes more difficult for passengers to evacuate the aircraft because of the limited capacity of the main door. In addition, the doors may be blocked by obstacles such as trees, walls, and other possible threats. So it is highly recommended that the aviators are trained to use the emergency slide in case of an emergency while on the ground.

Skydiving is a sport which requires a complete safety measure. For this reason, all the participants and spectators should be equipped with an emergency escape slide. This is important to help the skydivers to escape from the aircraft in case of emergencies. Sky VIPER V2450HD is one of the devices that provide an improved flight range of 50 meters.

Because there is no primary target to guide the parachute during a jump, the parachute should not hit any obstruction at the edge of the runway. But this problem is also solved by the small aperture of the SkyViper V2450HD. This smaller aperture helps the diver to glide through the clouds to a safe landing.

The navigation system of the aircraft is also aided by Wide-angle camera lens. It is equipped with the features that improve the camera's video quality and minimize the potential for distracting disturbances. If the skydiver uses the Wide-angle camera lens, then the chances of additional obstacles are reduced. However, this also allows the skydiver to use the camera lens when he is fully extended.

Since the skydiver uses the Wide-angle camera lens, it becomes easy for him to be tracked by the aircraft. Even if the pilot does not confirm the presence of the skydiver, the automatic system of the camera will still transmit the position of the diver to the GNS430. So, the GNS430 will be able to determine the distance from the aircraft, and will inform the pilot of his movements and activities.

It is known that the aeroplane will not approach or land in front of the aerial vehicle which is attached to the ground. However, the wide-angle camera lens is equipped with features that enable the pilot to recognize the aircraft and its speed. The aircraft will then be able to enter the landing strip in close proximity to the skydiver without the risk of colliding with the aircraft.

Besides that, the aircraft also has highly developed and important airspeed indicators. These indicators are fitted with a V-spanner, allowing the pilot to control the speed of the aircraft. Even in the case of high winds, the propeller will be able to spin in the desired direction, resulting in a higher speed.

Both the hardware and software configuration of the flight system is consistent with the needs of the individual. This allows the operator to install the device in his own way. The wide-angle camera lens and Wide-angle camera system are able to provide the best possible data to the aircraft to ensure a safe landing.

SkyViper uses advanced technology and features to allow the skydiver to dive safely into the target area. The image resolution is excellent and the ability to capture the image during the dives is high. This feature will enable the operator to capture the video and image of the object and make it easy for the pilots to identify the intended target.

The flight equipment of SkyViper comes with AVC (Automatic Vehicle Computer), which is powered by a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). With this feature, the operators are able to capture the footage of the aircraft during their flights.

Product Features

Professional-grade firmware provides simple and stable flight for beginners and hobbyists Flight sensitivity allows you to choose the responsiveness to your controls based on your skill level Adjustable wide-angle camera lens for video streaming Micro SD card slot (card sold separately) enables direct video recording