Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K Quadcopter UHD Live Video GPS Drones, FPV Drone with Camera for Adults Beginner 60 Mins Flight Time Long 2500mAh Battery Brushless Motor?2 Batteries + Carrying Case?

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Features of RUKO F11 PRO Drone


RUKO F11 PRO DRONE is another emerging company in the business of drones, providing the best drones that are compatible with 4K quadcopters. RUKO has successfully developed the most advanced technology in quadcopters and drones that are targeted to the consumer market.

Consumers today require hi-tech technology in their lives and have no time to waste in finding a high quality product that meets their requirements. RUKO F11 PRO DRONE for sale is a high-end technology and feature packed quadcopter that come with plenty of features and functions for both hobbyists and professional use. Its features and functions are of high quality and is an affordable option for professionals as well as hobbyists.

Consumer markets prefer hi-tech technology and features that are highly desirable in their lives. RUKO F11 PRO DRONE gives consumers an affordable option for professional use and is affordable at the same time.

RUKO F11 PRO DRONE is developed with the use of advanced technologies such as 5 axis gyro and a team of highly skilled professionals. With such features, RUKO F11 PRO DRONE has become the top choice for consumers and users worldwide. RUKO F11 PRO DRONE is built with tough and durable materials and components, which will help consumers to get a product that will last long.

As a consumer, the Quadcopter is a safe way to explore new territories, or for people who are interested in completing challenges for fun. In addition, the Quadcopter is highly preferred by professional users as well. RUKO F11 PRO DRONE gives users the ability to explore and do things that they have never attempted before, while it also helps professional users to find areas that are difficult to access.

RUKOF11 PRO DRONE comes with a complete set of product and accessories. They include the Remote Control Drone, the Battery Pack, the Control Unit, the video transmitter, the Camera and the Display.

The RC drone is one of the main components of RUKO F11 PRO DRONE that allows the user to operate the Quadcopter without having to carry any additional equipment. RC drone is one of the best features and technology of the Quadcopter.

The Battery Pack is a unique feature and provides a user with a stable platform that will ensure no loss of control and safety to the user. The Battery Pack also comes with a high-tech interface that makes the flying easier. The RC drone and Battery Pack comes with a DVD containing step-by-step instructions on how to operate the RC drone.

The Control Unit is another component of RUKO F11 PRO DRONE that will give the user the ability to interact with the Remote Control Drone. With the Remote Control Drone, users can experience the fun of Aerial Photography. The Control Unit is quite innovative and offers the users different advanced features that will make the flying experience simple and quick.

The Camera is the heart of the Drone and the Camera is its eyes. The Camera is very important for the Aerial Photography. The Camera is the main component of the RUKO F11 PRO DRONE and makes it possible for users to capture high-resolution photos and videos that will be displayed in a high-quality resolution.

The Video Transmitter allows the users to transmit videos directly to a PC via USB or Bluetooth. The Video Transmitter is an important feature of the RUKO F11 PRO DRONE and makes it possible for users to take remote control videos on the go.

The Remote Control Drone is the heart of the Drone and is used for Aerial Photography and also for controlling the flight using the RC Drone and the Video Transmitter. The Remote Control Drone is the core component and the central feature of RUKO F11 PRO DRONE.

Product Features

?4K ULTRA HD Camera?Experience breathtaking 4K Ultra HD picture quality for stunning clarity, deep contrast and vivid colors. Feeling the unbelievable beauty in ultra high definition.The 90° Adjustable Angle camera with 120°FOV lens gives a broad view for the memorable moments ?60 Minutes Max Flight Time?: Equipped with upgraded 2500mAh intelligent battery provides up to 30 minutes flight time, The package comes with 2 pcs batteries, extends your flight time to 60 mins. (30+30 mins) ?Stronger & Stable GPS Signal?: 50%-200% Farther Control Distance (4000 FT) than the others ordinary drones provide you a funner & safer flight. With Stronger GPS positioning , F11 PRO can hover stably to catch clearer images, and return to home precisely. ?Easy and Fun to Fly?:It is easier for newbies or beginners, equipped with functions like Auto Return, FPV, Tap Fly, Headless Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing, With simple press, even little boys and girls can take it under well control. ?Considerate Customer Service?Ruko promises 180 days of return or exchange and lifelong free warranty. If you have any questions about our products, such as the operation of the drone, please contact us. We will solve your problems in time.

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