promark vr

promark vr

The Promark VR 3D Virtual Reality drone is an exhilarating piece of equipment that allows you to get a feel for what it might be like to fly a real quadcopter and take it for a test flight on the open water. The Promark VR 3D goggles have an extremely intuitive interface that makes navigating the controls so much easier than with a standard quadcopter.


Quick Set up is the name of the game here. Easy to fly and very simple to operate (Learn how to pilot here) - virtual reality drone with fully integrated software and 360-degree camera. WiFi streaming.


A quick set up makes it possible to fly and experience the incredible experience of flying in virtual reality at the same time, without having to worry about whether or not the weather will be good. One thing you can't do with a regular quadcopter though is to learn how to land safely.


After a flight experience, you can go back and watch and see the amazing panoramas that the GoPro cameras are capable of producing. There is no need to use an external HD camera, just connect your own phone via the USB connection on the top of the quadcopter. It's a great way to capture those moments when you're flying and you want to share them with everyone else in your community. The GoPro cameras have an extremely high level of quality and are ideal for this application, but don't let the price put you off - there are other cameras on the market that offer similar quality too.


If you've never tried flying a helicopter before, then the Promark VR might well be for you. It's very easy to learn how to fly and control the quadcopter, especially if you've used one before in real life.


The Promark VR offers a wide range of different GPS tracking options. You can use the two base unit units to track both your indoor and outdoor flights together and also the two handheld units to track indoor and outdoor flights individually.


This technology also provides the opportunity to see the altitude of the quadcopter and how it's doing as it flies, thanks to the GPS mapping system. There are an incredible number of options available, including tracking the quadcopter in 3D. and also being able to follow the position of the quadcopter as it flies. With these features it's possible to plan your flights around any time of day, night or day.


It really does feel as though you're actually flying a quadcopter, thanks to the interactive graphics and all the information provided to you in a format that's easy to read and understand. There are many options to add more features - such as the ability to see what the quadcopter is doing, like where it's going etc. The software is user friendly and comes with step by step instructions for you to follow. A quick video tutorial is provided and then you're ready to go.


The GPS mapping system is integrated right into the quadcopter itself, so you don't need any special training to fly the helicopter. Even if you're not that experienced, the features are there and easy to use. The controls are also clear and easy to learn, which means you'll soon be flying confidently and quickly.


The Promark VR is designed to be used from the palm of your hand and offers many different ways to take off and land your quadcopter. They come in many different sizes, so it's possible to take off and land them in any direction. and almost any location. In addition they also offer lots of different options to change the type of flight and speed.


The GPS mapping system is also integrated into the video quality of the video, which means you'll be able to follow the video wherever it takes you, even while you're flying. Even better, the controls are easy to navigate and use, so you don't need to be flying on a PC, tablet or laptop.


The quadcopter is designed to be a fully-functional autonomous helicopter with fully-functional controls and an LCD screen to display all of the information you need to know about your aerial journey. It's incredibly simple to operate and the controls are user-friendly and don't take up much space on your phone.