Potensic D58, FPV Drone with 1080P Camera, 5G WiFi HD Live Video, GPS Auto Return, RC Quadcopter for Adult, Portable Case, 2 Battery, Follow Me, Easy Selfie Beginner, Expert

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Product Description

POTENSIC D58 Drone Upgrades

The POTENSIC D58 Drone is a self-developed gimbal stabilized quadcopter that enables you to fly at very low altitudes. This lightweight, all-in-one package features a 5Ghz real-time transmission. Since the transmitter is within reach of the user it's ideal for use outdoors, even in a hot and humid environment. This product also features a POTENSIC IP66 Dust-proof Corrosion-proof Coating.

The POTENSIC Drone, with its 3.7-inch circular screen, supports almost all communication protocols and applications. If you have a POTENSIC D58 Drone, then it's an excellent addition to your RC plane setup. Being a newer product the POTENSIC D58 Drone is still a bit sensitive, but they are working on this and getting better.

The next upgrade to the POTENSIC D58 Drone is its dual-sided thermal shield, which was developed by introducing their GPS technology. This particular feature was developed in cooperation with some of the leading scientists in the field of drone research. It enables you to land and also take off on the same day. This feature adds an additional benefit that allows you to revisit the same exact spot.

The system itself is very user friendly. The receiver is already pre-programmed to connect to a computer, using the built-in USB cable and Bluetooth chipset. Then all you need to do is connect the POTENSIC D58 Drone to your computer via a USB cable and the connection is secured.

Once connected the POTENSIC D58 Drone can be launched via the GPS settings, which you set on the GPS module. Once the POTENSIC D58 Drone gets to the point where it has to make a landing, it will be set to land automatically when it reaches the threshold.

Once you set up the GPS system, you can start to fly the drone. The self-developed global stabilization and forward-looking camera make sure that you're safe and secure while you're flying.

The remote control is totally compatible with your mobile phone, so you can talk to your family or friends, view your favorite spots or even take aerial pictures of your locations. The technology ensures that you get the best out of your POTENSIC D58 Drone, by ensuring that it is safe to fly and that your surveillance program is running smoothly.

The final element of upgrading your drone is their camera, so there's not much to speak about. The camera is quite impressive and captures fantastic footage and you can even record the footage at higher quality.

While you can go ahead and get your POTENSIC D58 Drone with all the upgrades already added on, we suggest you get one of the upgraded models. These upgrades will add a lot of value to your drone and will help you achieve great results.

The first upgrade is the GPRS GPS module. With this and the dual-side thermal shield you can now enjoy one-touch pre-programmed, autonomous missions and you don't have to worry about finding a spot for the new satellite system to work in the right place.

The second upgrade is the dual-sided thermal shield which can allow you to receive the latest GPRS GPS services. This feature will further enhance your POTENSIC D58 Drone's capabilities and performance. Using the GPRS capabilities means that you can send out a location-based message to your POTENSIC D58 Drone while it's still airborne.

Now you don't need to wait until you need one to come along - you can now enjoy watching TV while your drone takes photographs from the ground! Thanks to the modern advancements in technology, now you can deliver really high quality videos from the comfort of your own home. with some of the latest DJI technology.

Product Features

[Carrying Case and Double Batteries for D58]: With a case to hold all your drone and accessories, easy for travelling. Two high capacity batteries provide D58 30-36 minutes max flying time, more fun time. [Drone with GPS Assisted Flight]: Draw the dots on the map on App, fly route as you want; Orbit Mode presents a comprehensive image; Follow Me Mode captures the images you want no matter where you go. [5Ghz WiFi Real-time Transmission & Adjustable 90° & 120° FOV]: 1080P HD camera helps to capture clearly photos and more stable videos. 5G WiFi camera provide you faster but clearer image transmission. One button to adjust camera up and down 90° for multi-angle shootings. [3 Speed Modes & One-key Auto-Return]: One-key to adjust the speed-low / medium / high speed. Different speed meet different people’s drone operating proficiency. RTH for quick operate drone back. [Safe Flight Experience]: Under the GPS mode, when your drone is Lost of Signal or its battery is in Low Voltage or flying Out of Range, the drone can auto-return. And four bright LED lights for night flying.