Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P Camera Double GPS Dynamic Follow RC Drone Quadcopter

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Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone Review

Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone

The Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone is the perfect option for beginners and experts alike. So, you can use the drone to fly indoors or outdoors in any weather condition. It is lightweight, easy to set up and can be taken anywhere with you.

A DJI Phantom is the most affordable, advanced, and advanced-priced RC Drone available today. The Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone provides high-quality HD video at a reasonable price. This is ideal for the first time flyer who has limited experience with RC Aerial Vehicles. The Z5 comes with a complete set of accessories including:

The Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone includes the following features:

GPS - This is a mode which allows the drone to locate itself and fix the flight path so it is possible to fly safely. With GPS, you can see where the drone is heading, even while still filming.

Dual Band System - This allows the drone to operate even if you are traveling in places where signals are weak. With this feature, the Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone is able to operate even in places where it gets difficult to find a signal. It can be used with a WiFi or a Bluetooth system.

High Definition (HD) Camera - The Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone uses a 7 mega pixel CMOS image sensor, which delivers the highest quality picture quality. It also has an IR illuminator, which allows it to be used with dual Band System.Custom Pattern - This allows the Z5 to be changed to follow a particular pattern so it can remain in a given area without going off course. The improved maneuverability and ability to keep the camera pointed in the same direction as the drone make it possible to move the camera closer to the ground for greater control. This is especially useful for indoor flying.

Enhanced Compass - This helps the drone to stay on the same direction. If it wanders off, it automatically returns to its original position. This feature is especially important for indoor flights.

Dual Axis Gyro - A high quality four-axis gyro is used to provide accurate measurements. It eliminates blips or stutters when the drone is flying. When the camera is pointed towards the ground, the altitude and the tilt angle can be adjusted.

HD Camera with 720p - This is great for indoor flying in high definition with good sound and crystal clear images. This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the advantages of the HD format.

Dual Frequency - This allows the two receivers to switch frequency frequencies at will. This is especially helpful for receivers that have trouble switching between frequencies. It keeps the transmitter from interfering with each other.

No matter what your skill level is, you will love the Meiyiu SJRC Z5 GPS Foldable RC Drone. It is extremely portable and takes up less room than a normal drone. This is perfect for first timers who want to try out remote control flying and enjoy flying a hobby without the hassle of batteries or a complicated setup.