Hubsan H906A Controller for Hubsan X4 Drone H109S H501S Pro H501SS H501A H502S H501C (H501S-27)

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5 Must Have Accessories For the Hubsan X4 Drone

If you are looking for a low cost, lightweight, and simple way to take video from your camera on the go, the Hubsan X4 Drone is an easy option. It can fly safely, can stay in the air for many hours without trouble, and doesn't require a bulky gimbal.

The Hubsan X4 drone comes with an assortment of accessories, including batteries, remote control, charger, lens cap, and charger. But we will discuss the five most useful options.

Let's begin with the battery pack. This takes up little space and makes charging the Hubsan X4 much easier. You just plug it into a standard cigarette lighter and off you go. You can also attach the pack to the drone using its batteries, if you would like. The Hubsan battery pack can be charged via USB and is very cheap.

The three-axis stabilization feature is handy for most users. If you can stay still while recording video, this feature will save you lots of time, as you can't have the drone doing all the work for you.

The lens cap has a great reputation for protecting the lens from scratches and being able to shoot video with clear and color shots. There is no more smearing or distortion with a lens cap. The cap comes in three colors, so you can pick the one that suits your style.

If you are using your camera, lens, and GoPro Hero Black separately, these will help you avoid running out of juice. Some batteries won't last as long as they used to, which is why having extra batteries can make a big difference.

The headset with microphone is useful if you have two or more people going with the X4. Not only does it give the person next to you, another way to communicate, but it will also keep your voice from getting garbled. When you use this with the Hubsan drone, you will hear the sound coming from all directions at once.

The best accessory of all, and the most important accessory of all, are the camera. The quality of the video from the camera is awesome. If you are trying to figure out what to take with you for a family trip, this is the one you want to invest in.

Like the product, the camera is very compact, very portable, and very high quality. The best camera available for this price is the Hubsan X4 Phantom Camera, which costs around $300.

So when you consider all the extras that come with the Drone, and when you consider the functional and video quality of the Hubsan X4, it's easy to see why it's such an ultimate weapon for all those adventurous video makers. Not only does it come with the battery pack, it also comes with a transmitter. This means you can fly it anywhere in the world and not worry about battery issues.

And you can also use the same camera with the GoPro Hero Black. That makes them two of the most versatile cameras on the market.

Now, you might be thinking about the price. Although there are a lot of cool features, especially when the GoPro Hero Black is included, the fact remains that this drone is rather expensive. But then again, a lot of the features are expected with any drone, and the quality, and the durability of the Hubsan X4 drone is well worth the money.