Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 2K FHD Camera for Adults, Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, 26 Minutes Flight Time, Long Control Range, Includes Carrying Bag

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Product Description

Holy Stone Home Remedies HS720 Review


Holy Stone Home Remedies HS720 is a topical cream for the hair. The company states on their website that it can help with the frizz, flyaway, and excessive oiliness of the hair. But does it really work?

I tried Holy Stone Home Remedies HS720 and compared the results to my other Holy Stone products. This product claims to get rid of frizzy, flyaway, and oily hair without the harmful ingredients that you would find in most shampoos. Here are the differences in results for the various products.

Brush: This is a mixture of sodium laureth sulphate and aloe. It is also suggested that it makes your hair shinier, without the frizz. It is advertised as an anti-frizz shampoo. This product gives me too much shine. Not even a slight shine!

Shampoos: Holy Stone does not offer any shampoos that claim to be anti-frizz, flyaway, or shinier. The only other product that they have that is similar to this shampoo is Shine Away Shine Booster. It is supposed to give you an "elegant, silky, bouncy look".

Moisturizer: I didn't find this to be very moisturizing. After using it for a few days, my hair felt dry and brittle. That is what makes me doubt whether it is really helping your hair to become shinier.

On the positive side, I did find that the other products gave my hair a little bit of shine. After washing my hair with Holy Stone Home Remedies HS720, my hair did look shinier! Some people may experience some irritation after using it for a few do really love the other products that they make. I like that the Holy Stone products have such amazing ingredients like Shea butter, saw palmetto, green tea, and cucumber extract. They also contain Vitamins C and E, which are helpful for the overall health of your hair.

The other Holy Stone hair products are also very popular and are sold online. Here are my opinions about those products:

Grape Seed Oil: This product doesn't work as well as the shampoo or the moisturizer. It does give my hair a nice shine but the shine comes only on the top of my head. I've read that the grape seed oil may cause bad reactions in the scalp.

Xtendence Wrinkle Cream: It is a moisturizer that is supposed to treat wrinkles and fine lines and improve the skin tone. It did seem to make my skin look smoother and healthier.

Conditioner: This was a surprise because it is supposed to be a conditioner and it also is supposed to soothe dry hair. I was amazed by how good it worked.

As you can see, Holy Stone Home Remedies HS720 is a great product. It is a well-known brand and you can find it at most drugstores or hair salons.

Product Features

2K FHD Camera with Image Stabilization: The optimized full HD Camera built with Shock Absorption holder ensures shooting 2048 x 1152P high resolution images and videos without camera vibration. 5G FPV transmission and 90°adjustable lens enables you to see the word from different angle. GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight: Never lose the drone. It returns automatically whenever battery is low, signal is lost or you press one key return. Also, it is so smart to fly at your will, following you automatically, flying along a path you set, or fly around a point in circles. You may focus on your photography and creation. Configuration Upgrade: The intelligent battery works for 26 Mins for each charge; the long-life Brushless Motors have lower power consumption and give you a quieter flight; the foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easy to take the drone outdoor. Simple Operation: Equipped Multi Sensors guarantee hovering with great stability and high quality pics taken under different flying environment; Optical Flow Positioning makes great effect when GPS signal is lost or weak. Functions, like one key start/stop, emergency stop, altitude hold and safe flight, keep it simple to control for even beginners. Considerate Controller: The control range of 2.4GHz transmitter reaches to 3000 feet high range; battery level and GPS signal shown on the LED screen; a button to turn on or off the drone light is added; right hand throttle mode is available for left-hander.

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