Goolsky VISUO XS812 Drone 2.4G GPS 5G WiFi 1080P Wide Angle Camera WiFi FPV Altitude Hold Foldable RC Quadcopter w/ 3 Batteries

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Product Description

GoLansky Velvet Sage VSafe Quadcopter

GoLansky Viper and ViperX Svetoo XS812 Drones offer a powerful combination of features that will set the standard for Drone operation. If you want quality, advanced features and an amazing price then these are the two Drones to look for.

The latest advancements in Drone Technology are bringing high performance and extreme range to the table. All of the controls on these Drones can be configured to suit the specific needs of the user. They are easy to fly, versatile and provide exceptional video performance.

The aircraft is extremely stable and maintains its position all the time. The Flight Mode Selection allows you to change the mode according to the terrain or weather conditions. You can record your flights and play back videos with advanced video transmission options.

The Super Smooth and Seamless System allow for easy panning and tilting maneuvers. Other advanced features such as self-cleaning, multi-media support, 16-bit audio synchronization.

The 4-Axis Adjustable Control System allows for the smooth and steady use of the aircraft without the hassle of wires. The easy to use slider makes it easy to set the perfect angle. This also allows you to adjust the aircraft to suit your specific needs.

This is the ultimate quadcopter for the serious collector. It has a huge capacity to hold the largest FPV Video cameras. With a staggering 6" screen and 720p HD, you are assured of high quality pictures and videos.

There is also a built in drag control so you can easily turn the camera right and left. The flight software is easy to use and provides detailed information on every action you take. It even includes an intuitive feature to record your flights and allow playback.

Its included Red Cross. This feature prevents you from getting into trouble with any possible dangers while flying. The complete kit includes high quality FPV head and a host of other fun features.

Monitoring the bird from your pc or phone is an important safety aspect of using the aircraft. The Spio Twin, which is the most popular of all, comes with a high resolution LCD display.

All you need to do is a simple download application, install it and connect the transmitter. In minutes you can fly anywhere you like! You can even stream video to your Facebook profile page.

There are additional features such as auto land, multiple autopilot modes, separate video cameras, head tracking and advanced video transmission. The multi-media functionality is a must for many hobbyists.

To watch high quality video images on your computer, the following high-speed Internet connections are recommended: DSL, Cable, Fibre, Wireless, Satellite, Wireless LAN, ADSL, etc. If your internet speed is slower than 150Kbps, there is no need to worry, the camera can connect to the WiFi facility of your home or office.

Product Features

Functions: Foldable, Sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, forward/backward, altitude hold, one key take off/landing, WiFi FPV, headless mode, auto return, waypoint fly, surround flight, Follow me. 5G WIFI 1080P camera enables you to have a further real-time images transmission image for fantastic video/picture taking. Follow me: the aircraft will fix the controlling cellphone and follow the operator whichever direction he moves.(outdoors only) GPS positioning mode provides a more accurate flight. Waypoint route mode, just draw a route on the screen, the copter will auto pilot as the given path.(outdoors only)