Drone with Camera for Kids, Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, One Button Take Off/Landing, Route Setting, Gravity Induction and Emergency Stop-Dual Battery

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Product Description

Potentials RC Minijet (A30W) Features

The POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter is a revolutionary mini-quad design. It has the best range and maneuverability of any mini-quad for sale. This is the highest rated mini-quad sold.

On short flights you will notice how stable it is. And on long flights you can notice the speed in which it flies. If you are worried about doing the math to determine how far it will fly, don't be. They also provide excellent instructions to get you up and flying with this versatile little quad.

Landing isn't quite as easy as it should be, however. The new ROUTE SETTING puts it in another place when it comes to a perfect landing. When you want to land, it's easy to know where to point the landing gear.

This is a fantastic feature that makes the POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter so popular. It works well on the ground or in the air, and the FOUR TAILS can take off easily without a problem. It's no wonder so many mini-quad pilots choose this RC Quad.

You'll be amazed at how fast you can move the aircraft on the grass or dirt - even on pavement. You can change from zero to sixty in just two seconds.

The transmitter is mounted in the belly of the quad and is easy to access for flying. And the great news is that you can use the transmitter at any time during flight.

Easy to take apart and store - it is easy to put together. Simply remove the props, flip the bearing caps and snap the body back into place.

Many new pilots find it hard to believe that the POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter is just as easy to use as a helicopter. It is completely safe to fly, and it requires almost no practice to master the control for one to go it alone.

But that's not the only reason to buy a multi-rotor. Since it has a very fast speed and low flight times, you don't have to wait hours to fly. You can have fun right away.

You'll love the weather-resistant design of the POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter. It is durable enough to withstand all types of conditions. The quadcopter is made to last and stand up to your family's normal flying needs.

No one can beat the value of the POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter. There are plenty of options when it comes to mini-quad copters. However, they aren't nearly as powerful as a larger quad.

You can learn to fly the POTENSIC A30W RC Mini Quadcopter for less than you might expect. It doesn't matter how advanced you think you are, it can take you through the basics quickly. No matter how advanced you think you are, this quad will teach you everything you need to know.

Product Features

[ Better FPV views] HD FPV camera enable you to take high-quality FPV real-time live video and pictures from the air with better perspective. [Smart and Fun] Through the APP Control and the Gravity Induction Mode, you can fly Potensic A30W forward/backward, left/ right and along the direction you indicate with your phone. APP compatible with Apple iOS/ Android phones. [Creative and safe] with custom flight route mode and alarm protection, draw your flight plan and design your fly path with easier control and without losing direction. [Easy to fly] one key start/ landing, the quadcopter will ascend & hover at a fixed altitude or land gently on the ground with the press of a button. Even the beginners can fly the drone easily with perfect control and wonderful performance. [Fly longer] with the removable and chargeable battery, the drone with camera can Support longer flight time by replacing a battery. A perfect gift for your family and friends.