Drone with Camera for Adults, Potensic D18, 1080P Live Video FPV WiFi Drone, Foldable Portable Quadcopter with Double Batteries, 16-20 Min, Optical Flow, Anti-Collision RC Drone for Beginner and Kids

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Product Description

POTENSIC D18 Drone Review

The POTENSIC D18 drone is made by Precision Technology, and they are currently being used by the US Army as well as other military units. The D18 is a multi-purpose, lightweight quadcopter that can fly in all weather conditions and has plenty of built-in communications features.

This drone has a high-quality built-in optical flow sensor that enables it to fly in all weather conditions. It also has a GPS receiver, which enables it to keep a fix on its location. If you want a high-performance, handheld, single-handed multi-rotor that has no moving parts, it has a camera and three other small features that make it an attractive choice for the backyard hobbyist.

There are many electronic and stealthy technology built into this package. For one thing, it is able to fly at a lower speed than other drones because it uses minimal electronics to transmit and receive signals.

This product flies from distances of up to thirty miles, which is far enough to cover vast fields and terrain. It has a longer range than many other drones, which is important when you have a long distance to cover and you do not want to be disturbed while you are flying. With this product, you can also monitor your target from a safe distance and can keep track of your targets as well.

The POTENSIC D18 quadcopter is also equipped with a high-speed, efficient flight controller, an autopilot, a stereo camera, an LCD screen, and a transmitter. The autopilot feature is a real asset to the POTENSIC D18 drone, because it uses an innovative autopilot system that is computerized for more precise flight results. This autopilot also takes care of the programming and telemetry tasks that might be complex and time consuming.

One of the newest features included in this product is a dual function goggles that can be used for targeting. It can also be used for pointing and viewing directions to make sure you are on the right track when you are flying. Using goggles this way makes it easy to get a bird's eye view of the entire area you are flying over.

An advanced and highly versatile design enables the POTENSIC D18 to fly in all weather conditions with a built-in weather system that is suitable for use in areas with harsh temperatures. The system includes the two-channel transmitter, four UV-treated and stainless steel heat sinks, and a hi-tech, integrated thermal camera. This is great for the drone users who like to practice their flying techniques with a higher quality camera.

The thermal camera features a full-featured and programmable video feed to capture smooth engine vibration and performance, with easy-to-follow video instructions for usage. The video can be saved in either .AVI or .MP4 format. This camera also has a built-in speaker, which enables it to be heard even in remote areas and can be programmed to automatically begin recording video after turning on the lights.

This product also includes a high-quality battery kit that contains everything you need to mount your drone on a weatherproof platform that is weatherproof and scratch resistant. The kit includes an aluminum stand and is user-friendly.

This product offers an all-around, potent multipurpose lightweight quadcopter that will satisfy every type of hobbyist. Its lightweight and compact design enables it to be flown almost anywhere, and even smaller versions of this product can be flown indoors.

Because it is made from high-quality and dense multi-rotor frames, the POTENSIC D18 drone is built to fly without worrying about many of the problems that plague larger models of drones. Its lightweight, sleek design is ideal for indoors, but at the same time the power is not so low that it can't be flown outdoors.

This product is a potent multipurpose lightweight quadcopter that is great for all types of hobbyists, from the first-time hobbyist to the more experienced. user.

Product Features

[Folding Design and Easy to Control]: Foldable arms design, convenient to bring it outdoors. One-key taking off or landing, altitude hold and headless mode make the drone is simple to operate. Great for beginners and photographers. [Optical Flow Positioning]: Optical flow is a special function that allows the drone to hold its position without a pilot operating the remote control then makes flying drone always follow the pilot. [WiFi Real-time 1080P Image Transmission]: Equipped with HD 1080P WiFi camera, the D18 records real-time video without delay. Ideal selfie drone for shooting you from the air, taking pictures of you wherever you go. [Dual Batteries]: Two detachable high capacity batteries, convenient to plug-in and install, which gives the drone max up to 20 min(10+10 min). They extend your flight experience. Along with a overshoot protection USB charging cable. [Safety Ensured Fligh]t: D18 featured with self-protection function, when it flies over the remote control range or low battery, the aircraft will enter a self-protection state, automatically slowly descend, thus you don’t worry losing your drone.