DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with WiFi Camera Live Video One Key Return Function Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 Chanel 6 Axis Gyro RTF, Compatible with 3D VR Headset

Price: $49.99

Product Description

Pros and Cons of the DBPOWER X400W FPV

You have been playing your flying drone games without knowing that you can get the more powerful one if you pay a little extra. I've been using the new DBPOWER X400W FPV Quadcopter for a few months now and I must say it is a lot better than my first one. With this article, I will share my experiences with it.

As a newbie, I have used several of the cheap and new quadcopters that come out nowadays. However, not every of them works really well and you may find yourself spending a lot of money buying one that is not efficient. Well, you know what to do. Use a good brand that has a good reputation and you will be sure to save your money.

The DBPOWER X400W FPV has many benefits over other brands of quadcopters. First of all, it has the standard of most other brands as well. Second, it is one of the lightest weight ones out there. And finally, it comes with the newest technologies. One key benefit is the quadcopter's amazing built-in camera which you can use to shoot aerial footage to your YouTube video.

But on top of this, it also comes with the latest transmitter signal that makes the operator's experience easier. There are two transmitters in this one, the primary one of which is the QAV250 and the secondary one which is the QAV300.

One key benefit of this one is the user-friendly one key return function. With this, you can simply hit one key at a time to control the plane's functions.

Another feature that makes it even better is the extra battery power that it has. It comes with a 900mAh battery that you can use in the flight because it has all the important things you need for its operation. Some of its components include the directional antennas, receiver, and transmitter with a TX antenna and a battery.

This one is more than just a basic one, as it has an advanced software with plenty of features that are helpful for those who are new in their flying. There are even beginner's packages that you can choose from that make your flying experience even more exciting one. This one is known to give beginner's an excellent flying experience.

It comes with four joysticks that you can use. One of them is the YAW axis control, another is the YAW control stick and the last one is the Altitude hold joystick.

The DBPOWER X400W FPV comes with a buzzer and an easy-to-use training program. The transmitter and receiver have easy-to-use settings and there are many other features that you can use when you are using this one.

When you fly this one, it will allow you to learn about the RC transmitter systems and how to use them. A good RC transmitter can help you master flying and give you some confidence in handling the plane because you already know how to use the controls.

Another great feature of this one is the one key return function which will help you guide your plane in a different direction depending on which way you need to go. The new ESCs will help you avoid an engine or propeller malfunction that you would have otherwise encountered.

If you want to be sure that you will get the best features for your money, then you should check the quality of the battery capacity, recharge time, maximum range, and energy output as well as the size and weight of the motors. Then, compare each of these to the other brands and you should get one that suits your budget and needs.

Product Features

HEADLESS MODE: Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction, by using Headless, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction, the direction will be the same as your remote controller 3D SPLIT SCREEN DISPLAY: Compatible with 3D VR HEADSET on MJX FPV APP, use your own VR HEADSET (NOT INCLUDED) to see the world in a different way FPV REAL TIME TRANSMISSION: Connect your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY: Control the X400W drone from 100 meters away and with the high capacity volume battery, you can fly your drone up to 8-9 minutes, for More Accessories, search ASIN --- Motors: B01D1I3WDE, Blades: B01D1I7280 Batteries: B01D1HUO3G B01D1HN4JW ONE KEY 3D ROLL: With the latest technology of 6-Axis Gyro flying control system, it can fly very stable and take better pictures and it can finish the 3D roll with one key, it is very easy to use even for the beginner