Contixo F22 RC Foldable Quadcopter Drone | Selfie, Gesture, Gimbal 1080P WiFi Camera, GPS, Altitude Hold, Auto Hover, Follow Me, Waypoint Includes Drone Storage Case

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Contixo F22cdrone Review - Has the Phantom 4 Finally Been Released?

If you are looking for a Contixo F22cdrone just before Christmas, this review may be just the thing that you need. This model of drone will provide you with everything that you need to have a safe and enjoyable time flying a quadcopter. All the best features of the original Contixo Drone have been combined into this new model.

Contixo F22cdrone

First of all, the new model has an automatic hover. This feature will allow you to take off and land at different heights and different angles. This is great for those who are into aerobatics.

You can also move the quadcopter around quite easily. It is possible to change the angle of flight by just a little amount. This allows you to put your camera where you want it in an instant.

This drone has a good battery life. Most of the models from Contixo are designed for use indoors. These drones usually can not handle moving in places where there is no light. The light causes the batteries to run down faster.

The cool thing about the new model is that it can be equipped with a 3-axis gimbal. This gimbal allows you to control the direction of the drone from the air. This is great for controlling the way that the drone moves in one place to another.

The electronic brains of the drone is the Smart Computer. It is very user friendly and uses a very easy interface. All you need to do is download the app onto your phone and you are ready to go.

The only downside to this machine is that the in-built camera can't really capture anything with real quality. It does have some nice range though. You can get great shots indoors, but outside can be hit or miss.

All you need to do when using this quadcopter is to keep it within the range of the person controlling it. Try to avoid flying near busy streets. You also need to avoid overcrowded areas.

The other great feature of the new model is the new video system. It is much better than that of the original Contixo. The lenses of the video system are clearly visible and easier to see through.

The main reason that people get these models is to take video. Many people like to fly a drone just for the videos that they can create. The better the quality of the video is, the more popular the drone becomes.

This model is a great choice for those who are new to flying a quadcopter. With all the features that the F22cdrone has, it is a safe and pleasurable way to get started. If you already have some experience with quadcopters, then you can pick up some other features for a little bit more money.

This is a fantastic value for what you get with the F22cdrone. Just make sure that you get one with the features that you need and that you know how to use them.

Product Features

? VARIOUS FEATURES FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS - Beginner, intermediate and expert drone pilots can all enjoy this affordable and user-friendly GPS drone. The many features such as Selfie / Gesture Control, Follow Me, Auto Hover / Altitude Hold, 1-Key Takeoff/Landing & Auto Return Home, WayPoints/TapFly & Orbit Mode, great drone for beginners, will entertain hobbyists of all levels and ages ? BUILT-IN, ADJUSTABLE 2.4Ghz 1080P HD WiFi CAMERA - Download the free android or iPhone iOS compatible app, to control your Contixo F22 drone. Take photos, record video and live stream during flight using First Person View (FPV), Bird's Eye View, etc. The Contixo F22 drone is one of the best drones with camera for adults. (50m~300m; 150ft~1,000ft) ? PRE-ASSEMBLED GPS FOLDABLE DRONE WITH COMPACT DESIGN - The Contixo F22 comes ready to fly right out the box. No need to put the drone together! It's a small, compact, foldable drone with a super portable design that makes it fun and easy to take everywhere you go, The Popular F22 is one of the Best Drones for Adults and for kids alike. ? CUSTOM STORAGE CASE INCLUDED- The exclusive carrying case made specifically for the F22, allows you to safely store and transport your drone. Never worry about removing the propellers or taking your new hobby apart. This carrying case makes it safe and convenient to transport your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) everywhere! ? US-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Providing speedy, considerate & overall outstanding customer service is our TOP priority. Should you ever run into any problems, need help, or just have questions, we are here to help, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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