Brushless RC Quadcopters - How Can You Fly It?

Li-Poly Battery can be used for different applications. Li-Poly Battery can work for flying, hovercraft, air flight and also for the helicopter. The main advantage of using Li-Poly Battery is that it can serve any kind of requirement.


The flying modes are stable and slow; in the hovercraft mode, it behaves like a propeller; in the acro flight mode, it works like helicopter blades; and the aerial flight mode is used for stunts. These flying modes make Li-Poly Battery very popular among hobbyists.


Li-Poly Battery is used in many helicopter models like the quadcopter. Most of these Li-Poly batteries are constructed with a five-cell design. The main design of these batteries is that they offer a capacity of around four hundred full-charge cycles. However, there are different brands and different configurations available.


The Hovercraft for example, is a special model where the overall performance and weight are more than the normal model. The one model available which offers a full-charged capacity of around 750 full-charge cycles is called the SRX-50V. The drawback with this is that it requires two batteries instead of one and is more expensive.


On the other hand, the BFW or bi-focal balanced size is a slightly smaller version of the normal battery. This version uses single cells while providing a better durability. It is suited for the usage of some lightweight toys and models.


The Flying Quadcopter is another type of the Li-Poly Battery. The battery for this type has three types of cells. In the first one, a three-cell version is used for transmitting signals while the second is used for supplying power to the gimbal while the third cell is used for lighting up the LEDlight on the quadcopter.


A few people like to use the Sanyo CHA-CQ01 under this category. Although the performance is not as good as the ones above, it can fly for over forty minutes, and it is considerably light weight.


One of the nicest versions of this battery is the BBS02; the battery is the only one which is used in the flying brushless quadcopter. It is designed to provide over one hundred hours of operating time and this model has both direct and hydraulic power system.


The use of Li-Poly Battery does not limit to hovercraft. Another interesting idea of using Li-Poly Battery is the use of the ProMini RC Helicopter. It uses a brushless motor, a Lithium Polymer battery and brushless ESC.


All these components come in various sizes, shapes and weight so that the users can select the one that fits their specifications. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages when using this type of battery for helicopters.


The main advantage is that it will allow users to operate in most of the flight modes possible. The main disadvantage is that the flight times are slightly slower and the motors are slightly more expensive. However, the model has an extensive range of features and is capable of being used for sports.


As for brushless RC Quads, the main advantage is that they require less maintenance and can handle a high throttle. They are heavier than the quadcopters but there are some models that weigh just forty grams.