Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone, RC Quadcopter with 120° FOV 720P HD Camera for Adult, Portable Aircraft Toy for Beginners with Trajectory Flight, Gravity Sensor, 3D Flip, APP Control

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Product Description

Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone Has GRAVITITY CONTROL For Automatic Video Or Photos To Be Stored To Phone

The Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone is equipped with the highest resolution and optical zoom. Its high resolution means that this drone is capable of capturing even the choicest moments of the most remote areas.

High resolution is important especially when you are into indoor flying. The Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone is one of the best drones that can be used for an outdoor environment as well. In addition, its high resolution lets you capture video or photos from any angle.

This unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with an HD camera that helps in your filming and shooting of FPV (first person view) videos. It can also be equipped with a 3D view of the surrounding area for improved flight experience.

The control is more user-friendly than that of a traditional RC vehicle. Its GRAVITITY CONTROL is an innovative feature that allows the user to automatically save the video or photo to your smart phone or other compatible device. This will give you the option to automatically share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Its aerodynamic design ensures safety and precision when flying in controlled environments. Also, it does not disturb the surroundings when you are flying indoors. This is done through the heat dissipation system that uses advanced technologies such as ceramic and polycarbonate materials.

Although, the Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone's GRAVITITY CONTROL does not have image stabilization, it is still a great feature for those who are looking for a drone that is easy to fly. For those who are into FPV (first person view) videos, it can easily be controlled using the GRAVITITY CONTROL. This is especially good for indoor flying.

The Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone comes with all-inclusive equipment such as GPS, radio, transmitter, battery, propellers, OSD (On Screen Display) and camera. This means that it is easy to fly and more user-friendly. And because of the GRAVITITY CONTROL, you can capture videos or photos from any angle.

It has a professional grade gimbal that is ideal for indoor flying. However, it is important to note that the quadcopter has a maximum weight limit of 2 pounds so do not try to fly this without any protective gears. Always remember that it is a high-end model that needs some precautionary measures.

With the aerodynamic design of the aircraft, it is also able to remain stable when flying indoors. With the GRAVITITY CONTROL, you can automatically capture video or photos from any angle. This will give you the opportunity to capture your favorite moments and share them on your social media account.

Its Bluetooth interface allows for a direct connection to your mobile device and is capable of downloading images directly to your smart phone or other compatible device. This is especially good for those who want to capture photos or videos of their favorite activities from their indoor flying trips.

The Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone is able to hold a variety of batteries which include the LiPo, NiMH and LiFe batteries. The different types of batteries include the NiMH battery that has three button types that allow you to adjust the intensity.

A GRAVITITY CONTROL feature is available with the different models of Akamino S6 WiFi FPV Drone. With the GRAVITITY CONTROL feature, you can automatically save the video or photos to your smart phone or other compatible device.

Product Features

?120°FOV HD WIFT CAMERA?: The drone is equipped with 720P HD 120°FOV camera and capture video or photos from any angle shooting. Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system capture video within a range of up to 100m and the video clips are automatically saved to smartphone and directly share it on social media. ?GRAVITITY CONTROL & TRAJECTORY FLIGHT?: A built-in G-sensor is designed to controlling the quadcopter by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone via download the BJ-UFO App. The newest technology that by drawing a flight course on the touch screen on your smartphone, the drone with camera for kids will fly accordingly and shoot easily. ?MULTI-FUNCTION?: One key take off/ land and headless mode make it simple to fly and perfect for beginners. 360°flips & rolls also will give you surprising flight experience. To activate multiple functions like camera function and flight in the APP interface. ?APP Control?: Install iOS or Android app on your smartphone via the built-in WiFi module, then connect to the drone via Wi-Fi, activate multiple functions, such as camera function and draw route, on mobile device Watch live video of drone flights and share them with your friends. ?SAFE FLIGHT?: High quality ABS material and protecting the propeller guards can eliminate your concerns about sudden shocks or drops. Rest assured to pick this gift for teenagers aged 14+ and adults. Includes 2 strong powerful 3.7V 750 mAh LiPo batteries to extend the fun! To avoid being burnt up the USB Charger, it should be used under currents input 0.5A.